Donald Trump: Transgender People Should "Use the Bathroom That They Feel Is Appropriate"

Donald Trump —  H 2016
NBC Today

Trump said if Caitlyn Jenner came to Trump Tower he wouldn't care which bathroom she used.

On Thursday's Today, Donald Trump was asked about the North Carolina bathroom law banning transgender people from using bathrooms that align with their gender identity.

"North Carolina did something that was very strong, and they're paying a big price and there’s a lot of problems," said Trump. He said North Carolina should "leave it the way it is" because there have been very few complaints in the past and now it is being punished economically.

"North Carolina, what they're going through with all of the business that's leaving and all of the strife, and that's on both sides — you leave it the way it is," Trump said. "People go, they use the bathroom that they feel is appropriate. There has been so little trouble."

Matt Lauer asked Trump if he had any transgender employees and he said he doesn't know but "probably" he does. Lauer asked, "So if Caitlyn Jenner were to walk into Trump Tower and want to use the bathroom, you’d be fine with her using any bathroom she chooses?”

"That is correct," Trump said. He added that there has been a "big move to create new bathrooms" for transgender people and he disagrees with any of those policies because he thinks it would be "discriminatory in a certain way" and "unbelievably expensive."

He reiterated, "Leave it the way it is."