Donald Trump Used Scotch Tape to Hold His Tie Together

US President-elect Donald Trump -December 1, 2016- Getty -H 2016

Making America DIY-chic again.

Donald Trump is craftier than we thought. 

The 70-year-old Macgyver-ed his wayward tie with a little help from Scotch tape, the choice office supply of DIY fashionistas across America. The president-elect, he's just like us! (Too soon?)

Thanks to a particularly robust gust of wind, Trump's fashion secret was revealed for all to see on Thursday evening as he departed for the Carrier air conditioning and heating company in Indiana. Though, we can't help but wonder, why not choose a tie clip from the Donald Trump Signature collection

Twitter users, being Twitter users, were all too quick to chime in on his fashion choices.

What style sorcery will he think of next?