Trump's Walk of Fame Star Completely Blacked Out by Protesters

Donald Trump star 2-Getty-H 2018
Vince Bucci/Getty Images

Los Angeles police said they were unaware of the vandalism and there had been zero complaints reported.

Donald Trump's star along the Hollywood Walk of Fame was again vandalized over the weekend during protests. 

The president's marker, located at Hollywood Boulevard and North Highland Avenue, first had messages written on it before being completely spray-painted black with "BLM" or Black Lives Matter inscribed below, according to multiple social media posts

Los Angeles police on Monday told The Hollywood Reporter they were unaware of the vandalism; there had been zero complaints reported. 

Since his 2016 election, Trump's star has been vandalized a handful of times and completely destroyed twice. Both times it was destroyed, the perpetrators were charged. 

The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce has already said a number of times the star will never be removed as the Walk of Fame is a historical landmark. Each time it is vandalized or destroyed, it is quickly repaired/replaced. 

Trump has been bombarded with criticism over his handling of the nationwide protests in the wake of the May 25 killing of George Floyd. Trump faced backlash both for threatening to deploy the military to states he deemed too soft of demonstrations and for using force to remove a group of peaceful protesters in D.C. for a photo-op outside a church. 

Most recently, Trump questioned Roger Goodell after the NFL commissioner apologized for the league's response to peaceful protests by players, namely kneeling during the national anthem.