Donald Trump Will Skip Another Fox News Debate

Donald Trump in FL GETTY - H 2016
Joe Raedle/Getty Images

"I'll be honest, no one even told me about it. I thought the last debate on CNN was going to be it."

For the second time this election season, Donald Trump will be a no-show at a Fox News GOP debate, his campaign confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter.  

The Republican presidential frontrunner first made the announcement Wednesday morning while doing a phone interview on Fox & Friends. His campaign spokeswoman then confirmed the news and told THR Trump would instead be speaking at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee on March 21.

"I'll be honest, no one even told me about [the debate]. I thought the last debate on CNN was going to be it," Trump told Fox & Friends. "I won't be there, no." 

In addition, the billionaire businessman said he thinks there have been enough debates. "How many times can the same people ask you the same question?" he wondered aloud.

Previously, Trump said he was "OK" with more debates. Following the CNN debate in Miami on March 10, Trump was asked if he would keep doing debates even though he expressed disinterest because there had been so many.

"I think they want to do two more debates, and I guess I'm pretty much OK with it," he said then. 

Trump's most recent comments come a day after he won a massive primary victory in Florida, thereby prompting Sen. Marco Rubio to drop out of the presidential race. Trump also won Illinois, North Carolina and Missouri. Ohio Gov. John Kasich won his home state. 

Trump skipped the second Fox News debate of the season after he said he was insulted by the network. That debate was right before the Iowa caucus, which Texas Sen. Ted Cruz won. Trump later expressed regret over skipped that debate.

"You know who loves [debates]? The networks love them," Trump told Fox & Friends, bragging about the ratings for the GOP debates compared to the Democratic debates. 

There was no mention of Megyn Kelly — who will co-moderate the debate with Bret Baier and Chris Wallace — by Trump or his campaign as an additional factor in his decision to skip the upcoming event.

Trump once again Tuesday night expressed his displeasure with Kelly and her coverage of his campaign. He repeatedly referred to her as "Crazy Megyn" over social media. 

Fox News did not immediately respond to a request for comment.