Donald Trump's Plane Removed From Online Flight Tracker

AP Images/Invision
Donald Trump and his Boeing 757.

Real-time web tracking of Donald Trump's 757 aircraft has ended, possibly as a security precaution.

Alone among the presumptive 2016 Presidential candidates, Donald Trump owns his own aircraft — a Boeing 757-200, with Rolls-Royce turbofan engines, tail number N757FA.

Thanks to the marvels of the Web, it was possible to track the plane's flights in real time by entering the tail number into FlightAware, a free flight-tracking service. That is, until Wednesday, when the notice "this aircraft not available for public tracking per request from owner/operator" appeared on the website.


According to FlightAware, the FAA does not make flight data from military aircraft — including Air Force One — available to public websites and will block the ability to track any aircraft after a verified request from the plane's owner. A FlightAware spokesperson told The Hollywood Reporter that such a request had been made to the FAA on behalf of Trump's plane, probably within the last 30 days (it can take a month for the FAA to update its data base, the spokesperson said).

Blocking the plane from public tracking roughly parallels Trump's presidential campaign travels and may have been taken as a security precaution. (Trump's press office did not immediately respond to a request for comment about the plane.)

Before the blackout, FlightAware logged flights of Trump's 757 from New York to, among other destinations: Shannon, Ireland (where Trump visited his recently purchased golf resort); Des Moines (where he flew after declaring his Presidential candidacy); Savannah, Georgia; Phoenix; Washington, D.C., Nashville, and Las Vegas. The longest flight was the return trip from Shannon (six hours and 46 minutes); the shortest, from Newark Liberty Airport to LaGuardia Airport (eight minutes). 

Trump bought the plane, first delivered to a budget Danish airline in 1991 and subsequently owned by Microsoft's Paul Allen, in 2011 and presided over a Trump-like stem to stern renovation that added gold-plated lavatory fixtures and even seat-belt buckles.

Trump leases the plane to fellow high rollers when not on the campaign trail or attending to his far-flung business interests — take a video tour of the plane hosted by The Apprentice's Amanda Miller