Donald Trump Answers Only 8 Questions in Reddit AMA

Donald Trump RNC H 2016
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Users called out the GOP presidential nominee for not getting into specifics in a heavily monitored fan Q&A that took place on the social news site Wednesday.

While Hillary Clinton supporters rallied in Philadelphia on Wednesday for the third night of the Democratic National Convention, Donald Trump was getting ready for a session on Reddit

The GOP presidential candidate hosted an "Ask Me Anything" Q&A on the social news site at 4 p.m. PT, shortly after the ongoing Democratic convention began dominating news coverage, where he promised users he'd get to as many of their questions as possible.

"I'm doing this in flight to visit the great people of Toledo, OH, so Internet connection might be spotty — I promise you, I'll answer all the questions I can," he wrote just before the AMA began. "I want to do BIG things for America and as your President, I WILL Make America Great Again!"

A moderator also posted a precautionary message there would be extra security measures taken for the Q&A.

The Reddit thread reached 1.2 million users within the first hour and garnered over 22,000 comments from users curious about the GOP nominee's policies, but a moderator on Reddit said that technical issues caused Trump's responses to be delayed. He answered just eight questions out of thousands during his AMA and took a brief break in the middle due to interrupted WIFI.

"Mr. Trump is landing for his next rally and its interrupted his WIFI, he will be back shortly," a pinned comment on the thread read.

Of the answers Trump provided (outlined below by user SBS_Matt), multiple called out "crooked Hillary Clinton" and vague solutions for users' concerns.

One Redditor asked, "What role should NASA play in helping to Make America Great Again?" to which Trump responded, "I think NASA is wonderful!"

Users took notice that many of the questions posted on the AMA thread were deleted, though it was unclear as to whether they were monitored for language or out of fairness to other users. A few Redditors called out moderators for deleting several of conservative gay activist and Trump supporter Milo Yiannopoulos' questions about net neutrality and rigged exit polls.

Yiannopoulos, who recently made headlines for engaging in a public feud with Ghostbusters star Leslie Jones and subsequently got banned by Twitter, got one question answered by Trump concerning issues with non-immigrant visas.

Though Trump's campaign originally planned a 30-minute session, the delays caused the Q&A to run for an hour. 

Shortly after the AMA ended, Trump posted on his official Facebook page: "I am off to my rally in Toledo! Had a great time answering questions on Reddit!"

Users on social media called out Trump's campaign and Reddit moderators for deleting comments and not delving into "policy specifics."