Donald Trump's Son Says His Father Will Accept Election Results "If It's a Fair Outcome"

Eric Trump - H
Screengrab from ABC's 'This Week'

Trump campaign manager Kelly Conway defended the GOP nominee's claims of a rigged election and admitted Hillary Clinton is leading in the polls as Election Day nears: "We are behind."

Eric Trump appeared on ABC's This Week on Sunday, where he reacted to his father Donald Trump's recent comments about a "rigged election" and his plan to pursue legal action against the women who have accused him of sexual misconduct.

"If it's a fair outcome, he will absolutely accept it," said Trump when asked how his father will react if Hillary Clinton wins by even a five- or six-point win. "There's no question about it. I think what my father is saying is, 'I want a fair election.'"

Trump also was asked about a statement his father made Saturday at a Gettysburg, Pa., rally regarding pursuing legal action against his female accusers. Eleven women have now come forward with allegations against the Republican presidential nominee, including an adult-film actress, Jessica Drake, who claimed he made sexual advances towards her 10 years ago.

"Where were these women before? It's not like my father is a hidden individual, right?" said the younger Trump. "Whether he was building hotels, 15 seasons of Apprentice and then the day the Hillary [Clinton] WikiLeaks come out, all of a sudden people start coming forward. I think you'd have to be really naive to think that one and the other weren't coordinated together.

"The depressing thing for me is how much time the press spends on that topic," added Eric Trump, who expressed a media bias when it comes to his father. "Quite frankly, throughout this whole process, he's needed to fight for himself, and he believes in a right and wrong. When he feels there is injustice, I think you should stand up to ourselves."

Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway also defended the candidate's claims of a "rigged election" and admitted he is behind Hillary Clinton in the polls just weeks away from Election Day. Conway appeared on NBC's Meet the Press on Sunday.

"We are behind," she said. "[Clinton] has some advantages, like $66 million in ad buys just in the month of September, thereby doubling her ad buys from August. Now, most of those ads are negative against Donald Trump, classic politics, personal destruction, cesspool kind of ads. And that she has tremendous advantages."