Twitter Users Imagine Donald Trump's Google History

Donald Trump Cover Splash H - 2015

"How much will it cost to buy the Presidency?"

Hair care products, how to build a wall, foreign policy and how to make people hate you: These are just some of the Google searches Donald Trump has done, according to Twitter users.

Friday morning, the hashtag #DonaldTrumpsGoogleHistory began trending in the U.S., and with it, some pretty funny — and pretty disgusting — posts about what the former Apprentice host might look up on the Internet. 

The billionaire businessman, who is currently leading the GOP primary field in the polls, is a profound user of social media, both to promote his campaign and to tear into people and publications he believes have wronged him on his journey to the White House. 

Here are some of the funnier — and tamer — ideas people had for #DonaldTrumpsGoogleHistory: