Donatella Versace Nixes Real Women as Models for New H&M Fashion Line

Donatella Versace and Emma Roberts - P 2011
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The Italian designer refused to let young, hip New York power players model her accessibly low-priced H&M line in a recent photo shoot.

Donatella Versace is not exactly a normal-looking -- or normal-sized -- woman. So pehaps it's no surprise that she doesn't want her new H&M lower-priced line worn by (shudder) real women. 

According to the New York Daily News, the designer refused to approve some of  the women chosen for their photo shoot last week for their story on the new Versace for H&M line. The paper tried to arrange a shoot featuring the collection worn by real up-and-coming New Yorkers.

All the models were recent grads at high-profile jobs, billed as "New York’s new power players." The paper was initially cautioned by H&M that “Donatella will likely not approve shooting the collection on real women.” After the paper sent over photos of the "real girls" for approval, they were informed that some didn't "fit [Versace’s] branding." The women were understandably disappointed as they are fans of the line and were looking forward to modeling the lower-priced garments.  According to the Daily Mail, the real women models ranged from a U.S. size 0 to a 6. 

Versace's decision is very much at odds with H&M's decidely democratic approach to fashion. Curiously, Donatella previewed her limited-edition H&M line with a fabulous party and fashion show at Pier 57 In New York on Nov. 8. Attending the show (wearing Versace, natch) were Julia Roberts' very young niece Emma Roberts and flamboyant singer Nicki Minaj.Other fans of the Versace designer line include Jennifer Lopez, Demi Moore, Halle Berry, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Elizabeth Hurley. January Jones is the current Versace spokes-celeb.

After the show featuring scads of scrawny young models, the designer told that she understood the H&M consumer. “I know this customer,” Donatella pronounced. “I know what they want.”

Really, Donatella. Really?