Donatella Versace Wants to Dress 'Rock and Roll' Queen Elizabeth II in Black

Queen Elizabeth Donatella Split - P 2012
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Queen Elizabeth Donatella Split - P 2012

We're having trouble picturing the British monarch, 83, wearing a studded leather bustier, pencil skirt and platform heels.

Donatella Versace, allegedly 57, wore a skintight, studded black leather dress to address a roomful of undergraduates at Oxford University this week as part of the debating society’s ongoing Q&A sessions with influential people.

Versace certainly followed in some pretty famous footsteps, including that of Winston Churchill, Robert Kennedy, the Dalai Lama and Albert Einstein -- as well as Katie Price, Jerry Springer and Pamela Anderson, who have all taken part in the Oxford tradition.

Judging by the last three names, one assumes that the celebrity tide has turned, even in these hallowed scholastic halls.

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The diminutive, well-broiled blonde sister of the late Gianni Versace was accompanied by actor Rupert Everett and designer Christopher Kane, who creates the label's Versus line; she's known for her sexy and provocative designs, and has dressed the most stylish celebrities in the modern world including Elizabeth Hurley, Angelina Jolie, Demi Moore, Gisele Bundchen, Jennifer Lopez and Lady Gaga.

And she has her own ideas about how she would like to style none other than Queen Elizabeth II.

"The Queen can do whatever she wants," Versace said. "But I would dress her in black." She also told the rapt crowd, "She (the Queen) is rock and roll - I'm not joking! And she is the most fashionable person."

Queen Elizabeth is known for wearing face-flattering pastels, soft colors and some pretty spiffy chapeaus. She is not, however, known for wearing black, except perhaps to state funerals.

Perhaps if the designer sends her a coveted front row invitation to one of her runway show, the matronly monarch might be tempted to rock some Versace duds. 

We wish her luck. It's worth noting that Princess Diana was once offered a Versace gown but reportedly turned it down. Maybe she'll have better luck with Kate Middleton. But we doubt it.