You Can Now Wear Obama's Words of Wisdom on a T-Shirt: "Don't Boo. Vote."

Barack_Obama_DNC_3 - Getty - H 2016
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Barack_Obama_DNC_3 - Getty - H 2016

Thanks, internet!

In his speech at last night's Democratic National Convention, President Obama had a simple yet powerful message for members of his party who fear a Trump presidency: "Don't boo. Vote."

The concise, three-word phrase is reminiscent of a moment from his 2008 campaign, where he stifled boos at the mention of the unhealthy economy  by saying, "No, no, we don't need that. We just need you to vote." Since then, he's used the phrase quite frequently in speeches whenever the crowd becomes riled up. It appears that his words, like a certain Catherine Malandrino dress, have staying power.

During his 2016 DNC speech, the internet lit up with praise for the line (which only takes up 16 of Twitter's 140 characters, and therefore allows for plenty of extra flame emojis), with noted Hillary Clinton supporters including Oprah and Katy Perry sharing the phrase with their combined 120 million followers. Jane Fonda, as well as industry folk including Joe Zee and Eva Chen, also celebrated the standout phrase.

As with most great one-liners, the phrase is, naturally, available on a T-shirt. A quick search on the web reveals that several different shops are hocking tees, so you'll have plenty of designs to choose from.

Skreened, the company responsible for other great slogan tees like "Now watch me sip, my chardonay-nay," was one of the first to advertise their take on the phrase. The heather gray tee retails for just under $30. Not a high price to pay for spreading the word.