Don't Call Saoirse Ronan "Angel"

25 stylists: Elizabeth Saltzman - P 2016
Rebecca Miller

Joked her stylist Elizabeth Saltzman of the pet name used by a photographer: "He didn't know that you were a devil."

She may have the big blue eyes and wispy blond hair — but Saoirse Ronan is no angel. 

The 21-year-old Irish actress admitted as much at her photoshoot for THR's 25 Most Powerful Stylists issue, where her stylist Elizabeth Saltzman nabbed the No. 4 spot on this year's list. After Ronan's whirlwind award season, hitting the Golden Globes, SAG Awards, Oscars and everything in between after delivering a stellar performance in Brooklyn, the two have become pretty close. However, things could have gone in a different direction had Saltzman tried referring to the actress as "babe" when they first met, rather than her oft-butchered first name.

"I remember one time I was working with a photographer and he kept calling me angel," remarked Ronan of an instance she was given a pet name in lieu of first name. "That really pissed me off." Joked Saltzman, "Yeah, that's because he didn't know that you were a devil!" 

Watch their pow-wow below.