Don't ditch your TV until 2012


A survey of media executives predicts that broadband will continue to make significant inroads in the next five years but that the majority of eyeballs (and money) will remain on traditional TV.

"The Digital Video Barometer" survey of more than 270 industry executives finds that 90% believe that Internet distribution will account for at least 40% of all video content by 2012. Twenty-three percent believe the Internet will account for 60%, and 9% think the Internet will have 80% of video share.

But most don't think TV is going away anytime soon. Two-thirds thought TV would have at least 60% of all video consumption in five years.

"Most of the dollars are going to go into television even then," said Peter Winkler, chief marketing officer of Teletrax.

Fifty-five percent of the people who responded said digital rights management should go out the door in favor of tagging while still distributing freely.

The survey, conducted by Myers Publishing, was underwritten by video monitor Teletrax. The results were released Tuesday at a panel discussion that featured execs from Turner Broadcasting, NBC Universal, Digitas and Google.