Doris Day Interviews with Sir Paul McCartney Before Album Drops

Hulton Archive/Getty Images

The 87-year-old retired performer talks with the Beatles singer about her new album, her first in nearly 20 years.

Hollywood icon Doris Day will be releasing her first album in nearly 20 years Monday, but the 87-year-old retired actress invited a certain musician and friend into her Carmel, California, home recently: Sir Paul McCartney.

In the interview, published Thursday in Britain’s Daily Telegraph newspaper, Day and McCartney discuss her album, My Heart, which includes her covers of songs by Joe Cocker and The Beach Boys. The friends also shared memories of McCartney’s daughter Stella and Day’s late son (who is featured on the album), Terry Melcher.

When McCartney asks Day about her son, who died in 2004, she says, “I miss my Terry every day. But…I’m so happy that he’s singing on the album. I used to hear him sing and he should have done more things. I get mail from his friends all the time saying he had so much talent and he was always laid back. He didn’t push himself. He was such a good guy and I loved him dearly.”

McCartney responds: “I knew Terry a little bit in the Sixties and he was a really nice man. But you were right—he didn’t push himself. I didn’t either though, come to think of it. He was a lovely boy.”

Day retired more than 30 years ago to found the Doris Day Animal Foundation in 1978. McCartney told Day, "I wasn’t quite sure what to expect [with your new album], because I knew you hadn’t worked in show business for awhile as you’ve been looking after your animals. But you seem so perky and I feel that spirit in the album. I think it’s very beautifully sung.”

“I think your fans will go crazy with it,” McCartney told her. “It’s a nice album with beautiful emotions.”

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