Doris Dorrie signs on for 'Verbrechen' series

Writing, directing feature adaptations of short stories

BERLIN -- German director Doris Dorrie, hot off the comeback success of her latest comedy "The Hairdresser," has signed on to write and direct one or more feature adaptations from "Verbrechen," (Crime), a best-selling series of short stories from author Ferdinand von Schirach.

The first project will be "Gluck" (Luck), based on the story of the same name in the collection. It follows the relationship between two young people in Berlin: Irina, a prostitute and war refugee, and Kalle, a homeless punk.

Constantin Film, which produced "Hairdresser," is also on board for "Gluck" with Oliver Berben ("Pope Joan") producing. Constantin Film boss Martin Moszkowicz will act as executive producer. Shooting is planned for April/May of 2011 in Berlin and Eastern Europe. No talent is attached yet.

"Verbrechen" was published last year and immediately stormed the German bestseller charts, selling more than 200,000 copies. Translation rights have been sold to 30 countries.