Dos Equis Moves on From "Most Interesting Man" Spokesperson, Launches His Final Commercial

Courtesy of Dos Equis

The beer company is sending Jonathan Goldsmith to Mars in his last commercial.

The "Most Interesting Man in the World" is taking a one-way trip to Mars. Dos Equis announced it is ending its campaign with actor Jonathan Goldsmith as the "Most Interesting Man" and choosing a new spokesperson to carry on the title later in 2016.

Goldsmith's final TV commercial, "Mission to Mars," launched today on the Dos Equis YouTube channel. The news comes after Goldsmith's recent legal troubles.

Goldsmith's former talent agency is suing him, alleging the actor has not paid his former agent 10 percent of his nearly $1 million-per-year salary from Dos Equis. Goldsmith filed a cross-complaint saying the man who owns the firm "assumed a fake name" in order to "fool others about his so-called career as a personal manager."

Dos Equis says they are "evolving" their campaign past one specific spokesperson and saying "Adios Amigo" to Goldsmith's character. 

“From superheroes to superspies, our fans are accustomed to and enjoy different takes on the same character. We know ‘The Most Interesting Man in the World’ will continue to endure and grow, as the character’s story is bigger than one individual,” said Andrew Katz, Dos Equis' marketing vp. “Stay Thirsty isn’t just a tagline — it’s a mindset Dos Equis embraces daily to connect with our consumer and inspire everything we do.”

The full 60-second spot will air on March 10 during the L.A. Lakers and Cleveland Cavaliers NBA game, with 15-second and 30-second spots airing on March 21.