'Double Rainbow' Trends Worldwide on Twitter After Los Angeles Rain Ends

Double Rainbow - Los Angeles - 2010
Courtesy of LeVar Burton

"Seinfeld" star Jason Alexander enthuses, "I don't wanna be 'double-rainbow' guy, but that was spectacular."

The bright side to all the recent rain in Los Angeles?

The "double rainbow" that appeared Wednesday -- a weather phenomenon that became a catchphrase this year after one man's hysterical eye-witness account was set to music in a viral video.

Seinfeld star Jason Alexander enthused on Twitter, "And L.A. peeps, did you see the amazing double rainbow? I don't wanna be 'double-rainbow' guy, but that was spectacular. Almost worth the rain."

LeVar Burton, who hosts Reading Rainbow, Tweeted a photo and captioned it, "The very elusive Double Reading Rainbow…"

The phrase "double rainbow" quickly became a worldwide trending topic on Twitter, as multiple users on the microblogging site made puns to the now-infamous YouTube video, which has been streamed more than 18 million times. Watch below.