Doug Herzog Honored at Saban Clinic Annual Dinner Gala

Alex J. Berliner/ABImages
Lisa Gritzner and Doug Herzog

Chris Hardwick served as emcee with Jim Gaffigan and Ingrid Michaelson providing entertainment

Viacom's Doug Herzog and Cerrell Associates' Lisa Gritzner were honored for their commitment and support to the Saban Clinic at their 38th annual dinner gala Monday at the Beverly Hilton.

Comedy Central's Chris Hardwick, who tested raunchy jokes in a room full of studio execs, served as master of ceremonies.

Actor Sean Hayes introduced Michael, one of the clinic's patients who had suffered from several illnesses during a period of homelessness. For years, the Saban Community Clinic treated Michael both medically and emotionally, and ultimately enabled him to become self-sufficient. Michael is now employed as a limousine driver, and lives on his own in an apartment. As the mini-film about Michael came to an end, the camera zoomed in on him. His eyes filled with tears, and the audience gave him a standing ovation.

Entertainment was provided by comedian Jim Gaffigan and musician Ingrid Michaelson.

Gaffigan delivered a 10-minute stand-up set filled with self-deprecating humor.

"I'm a character actor, which is code for unattractive," said Gaffigan. "I think the real reason I'm here is because they needed someone paler than [attendee] Ed Begley Jr."

Following Gaffigan's performance, South Park executive producer Anne Garefino introduced Herzog, her longtime boss. In her speech, Garefino chronicled several other philanthropic causes that Herzog has supported over the years.

In his acceptance speech, Herzog said he finds it awkward and strange to receive an award for his efforts. "I was raised with the belief that you support your community any way you can. I watched my parents do it with great regularity when I was a kid, and they certainly never got a trophy for it," he said.

The event, hosted by the Friends of the Saban Community Clinic, raised more than $1.4 million for the Clinic, which provides quality health care services to low-income men, women and children in Los Angeles.