Douglas Trumbull: Kubrick Didn't Earn That '2001' Oscar — but He Deserved Many Others

"Kubrick did not create the visual effects" for the film, VFX legend says

Visual effects pioneer Douglas Trumbull says his 2001: A Space Odyssey director Stanley Kubrick was a master who didn't get his due when it came to the Oscars. But his only Oscar, for visual effects for 2001, didn't rightfully belong to him. 

"Kubrick did not create the visual effects. He directed them," says Trumbull. "There was a certain level of inappropriateness to taking that Oscar. But the tragic aspect of it for me is it's the only Oscar Stanley Kubrick ever won. He was an incredibly gifted director and should have gotten something for directing and writing and what his real strength was — not special effects."

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