'Downton Abbey' Christmas Special Trailer Gives Show Festive Send-Off

Downton Abbey S05E09 Still NO SOCIAL - H 2015
Nick Briggs

Downton Abbey S05E09 Still NO SOCIAL - H 2015

The final episode ever of the hit series will air in the U.K. on Dec. 25.

Will Lady Edith finally find happiness? Will the Dowager Countess make it to the final credits? Will Julian Fellowes decide to send a zeppelin crashing into Highclere Castle, wiping out the Crawleys and thus ensuring he can't be pressured into writing a feature-film spinoff?

While U.S. fans of Downton Abbey may have to wait until January to see the first episode of season six on PBS' Masterpiece Theatre, U.K. audiences who already have plowed through the last season still are hoping a few loose ends might be tied up in the hit show's final outing ever, the upcoming Christmas special.

Broadcaster ITV has released a trailer for the hourlong snowy send-off, to be aired Dec. 25.

Set to the tune of "Auld Lang Syne," the promo sees Carson asked if he's "not too unhappy" about the way things have turned out — which doesn't bode well — plus reformed evil butler Thomas bidding adieu: "I came here as a boy, I leave as a man."

On a more uplifting note, however, there is a fair amount of kissing at the New Year's Eve party, plus a final shot in which Cora Crawley appears to reach for her husband's bottom.

See the trailer below.