'Downton Abbey' Stars Recall Fond Memories as Final Season Approaches

Courtesy of BBC America

Michelle Dockery, ‎Elizabeth McGovern and‎‎ Joanne Froggatt also shared what to expect from the season.

Downton Abbey's sixth and final season will start on British broadcaster ITV on Sept. 20.

Cast members, including Michelle Dockery, Elizabeth McGovern and‎‎ Joanne Froggatt, recently talked to media in London about what to expect from the season and shared their memories about wrapping production on the hit drama.

‎"What you feel is this engine that drives the last [season], which is the engine of social change and of closure,” said McGovern ‎who plays Countess Cora Crowley. “Their life as they know it is coming to an end."

Dockery‎ said she really enjoyed shooting her final scene as Crowley daughter Mary in a place that was not the character’s bedroom. "My last scene was below stairs, which was lovely to end it there for me,” she told a group of reporters.

About the legacy that the hit drama will leave behind, she said that “there is a real warm feeling as much as there is drama and tears.” About her character’s story in the final season, she said: “I love that Mary is now taking on responsibility and is now estate manager. She is grown up.”

Froggatt, who plays Mary Crowley’s maid Anna, said the final season starts off in a challenging way for her character. “Things aren’t going as Anna would like,” she said. "She’s struggling after she miscarried."

All the stars said they felt very emotional wrapping production on the drama. Downton Abbey recently got a rare special BAFTA tribute. “The BAFTA tribute was so lovely,” said Froggatt. “That felt quite surreal.”

“I have been doing my job for a really long time,” said McGovern. “So, I wasn’t really expecting to be as sad as I was on my last day. When you work with a group of people for so long and you watch them grow, something happens and you forget that you are acting for a little while.”

“When I said goodbye to Hugh [Bonneville] who had been my husband for so long, it was just really sad,” she added before quipping: “And my chauffeur. That really, really hurt.”

Asked about favorite experiences she had thanks to Downton, McGovern said: “I was invited to the White House with my husband, Hugh and his wife for the state meeting between David Cameron and Obama. It was at that moment when the show was really finding its audience. That was absolutely like a dream that day.”