DP Anton Van Munster dies at 74

Filmed scenes for 'Traffic,' 'Ape and Super-Ape'

Anton van Munster, award-winning cinematographer and brother of producer-director Bertram van Munster, died Feb. 11 in Holland after a brief illness. He was 74.

Anton van Munster was the recipient of numerous awards and Oscar nominations for his work. In December, Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands appointed him Knight in the Order of Oranje-Nassau.

He filmed many of the key Paris street scenes while working with French filmmaker Jacques Tati on the comedy classic "Traffic" (1971).

Van Munster also worked for many years with Dutch director Bert Haanstra. Together, they received an Oscar nomination for the feature-length documentary "Ape and Super-Ape" (1972) as well as an Oscar and a Golden Bear nomination for the feature-length doc "Alleman" (1963).

Van Munster served as director of photography for the Dutch production company Nature Conservation Films, lensing a number of major wildlife feature films, including "African King," "Serengeti Symphony," "The Leopard Son" and "African Bambi." He worked in Tanzania several months each year and, before he became ill, was working on thje films "War of the Hippos" and "Survivor."

He also had a long professional relationship working with the National Geographical Society and the Wolper Organization.

Van Munster prepared for his professional career by studying cinematography in Rome at the renowned Centro Spirimentale di Cinematografia.