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DUBAI -- Nathalie Dubois, chairman and CEO of the Los-Angeles based gift-suites company DPA, knows a thing or two about bling.

The first to bring celebrity gift suites to Europe and the Middle East, Dubois is once again on hand at the Dubai International Film Festival, presenting the festival's official gift suite, where diamond-decked pacifiers from a Dubai-based company were among the star attractions on Friday.

In keeping with the bridging cultures theme of the festival, and her own multicultural background, Dubois' Dubai suite is full of all that glitters from both the United Arab Emirates, Europe and the U.S.

"I always try to incorporate some companies from the region we are working in, which gives guests and celebrities an opportunity to learn about new products, " she said on a whirlwind tour of her colorful suite at the Al Qasr Hotel.

In a selection that rivals even the best of the infamous Dubai shopping malls, the DPA suite included USB pens shaped like hearts from Philips Swarovski, and the pacifiers which can be custom-ordered in a variety of precious gems from the aptly named Dubai-based company, BabyBling.

"When they see this, people think it comes from the U.S. but it is from right here in the United Arab Emirates," BabyBling's managing director Camelila Mohebi said. "It is a celebration of our babies and our country."

A second Dubai-based company, Ajmal Perfumes was busily spraying wrists with exotic scents based on the oriental ingredients of Oudh, or what's known as green-gold in the world of perfume.

"People love loud perfumes here," said Syed Zubair Haider Tirmazi, the company's executive for corporate communications. "These are now becoming very popular in the Westin lines like (fashion designer) Tom Ford."

One of several European companies represented at the DPA suite here is the Barcelona-based skincare company Natura Bisse, which is offering personalized beauty treatments at the festival.

Other items stacked up in the huge piles of boxes visitors were carting out of the suite included a Sphatika skincare trav el kit; hand-embroidered bikinis from Los Angles-based designer Anna Kosturova; designer knitwear from London-based Domakaya; Los Angeles' Eva Varro clothing; and sunglasses from Karl Largerfeld and Pucci.

Also proving popular are eco-friendly children's product, which this year included a bathing cape for children from the Los Angeles-based Bamboo Hugs. "People love eco-friendly, especially for their kids," Dubois said.

Kids and adults also were enthralled with PlayStation 3's and the latest games for the Sony consul which were being gifted at the suite.

The next stop for DPA is the Golden Globes in Los Angeles. "The stars love it when they know there is a DPA suite," Dubois said. "Because they know they will find something special."
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