DQE pacts for 3D 'Prodigies'

Indian film to work with France's Onyx, Fidélité

Updated May 25 at 18:46 Beijing time

NEW DELHI -- Indian animation major DQ Entertainment announced Monday it will handle production duties on 3D animation feature “The Prodigies” with France's Onyx Films and Fidélité Films.

Budgeted at $28 million, “Prodigies” is being financed by Fidélité Films, Warner Bros Pictures and Studio 37 and set for a March 2011 release. Distribution will be handled by Warner Bros Pictures, Studio37 and Kinology.

Directed by Antoine Charreyon, “Prodigies” is about five teenagers with special talents who turn to the dark side after they are assaulted. A sixth prodigy who can take on his five counterparts is the only hope for mankind.

“Prodigies” is based on a 1982 novel by Bernard Lenteric and is adapted by Matthieu Delaporte and Alexandre de la Patelliere. The film will use motion capture and 3D stereoscopic technologies.

“The 3D stereoscopic technology offers an immersive experience combined with the ambitious and visually challenging graphic designs and a compelling storyline. The skilled team at DQE is doing great justice to this challenging theatrical production,” Onyx Films chairman and CEO Anton Soumache said.

“We are excited to be part of this high quality feature film and to be pushing boundaries to deliver this stereoscopic epic feature film that will captivate audiences worldwide,” DQ Entertainment chairman and CEO Tapaas Chakravarti added.

DQE's various projects also include homegrown production “The Jungle Book”, a 52-episode animated TV series and a 60-minute TV feature in 3D, coproduced with France's TF1 and Moonscoop and Germany's ZDF Group, slated for release this year.
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