Dr. Laura to appear on 'Larry King Live'

Radio host will explain herself Tuesday on CNN show

Dr. Laura Schlessinger is going on offense.

A week after the radio talker uttered the N-word several times while making a point about racism to a minority caller, Schlessinger will explain herself Tuesday on CNN's "Larry King Live."

Schlessinger immediately apologized for using the offensive term Aug. 10 -- even before the media picked up on the story -- and has discussed it on her show, but she has purposely avoided other media. (Hear the controversial call in its entirety here.)

"She wanted the apology to stand on its own for a week and now she's ready to answer questions and make media appearances," said Geoff Rich, a spokesman for Schlessinger's company, Take On The Day.

Schlessinger's detractors have seized on her use of the N-word, calling for advertisers and radio stations to sever their ties with her. So far, such pleas have fallen on deaf ears, as the show signed on with three additional stations in the last week and no national advertisers have bowed out, Rich said.

Late Tuesday, though, Motel 6 was sending this email to activists who were encouraging the company to dump their support of the show: "Thank you for taking the time to write to us. We have ended our relationship with the Dr. Laura show, and there will be no future Motel 6 advertising on this program."

Schlessinger was in similar hot water a decade ago when gay activists targeted her CBS TV show until it was canceled. Such tactics might be more difficult this time around, though, since there is no big media conglomerate to agitate, given that her show is produced and distributed by her own Take On The Day.

The whole affair is also reminiscent of the ordeal Don Imus endured after uttering "nappy-headed hos," his comedic description of the Rutgers University women's basketball team. The fallout three years ago was quick and severe: MSNBC stopped simulcasting Imus' show and, days later, CBS Radio canceled it entirely.

As for Tuesday's scheduled TV appearance, CNN's website is asking users to suggest by email the questions King should ask Schlessinger. The promo reads: "Her shocking use of an offensive word had her on the defensive last week! Hear what she's saying about it now."
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