Dr. Oz to Address Critics Who Want Him Fired From Columbia

Issue 2 STY De-Stress Dr. Oz - P 2014
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Issue 2 STY De-Stress Dr. Oz - P 2014

A group of 10 doctors sent a letter to Columbia University, where he holds a faculty position.

Dr. Mehmet Oz is ready to hit back at a group of physicians seeking to get him fired from Columbia University, where he holds a faculty position.

Next week on The Dr. Oz Show, the cardiothoracic surgeon will respond to a letter a group of 10 top doctors sent to Columbia, the Los Angeles Times reports. No date for when this segment will air has been set.

"Dr. Oz has repeatedly shown disdain for science and for evidence-based medicine," read the letter, sent to a Columbia dean earlier this week. It says that Oz promotes "miracle" weight-loss drugs that have no scientific proof backing them.

Reps for The Dr. Oz Show did not immediately respond to The Hollywood Reporter's request for comment.

Oz has already defended himself in a written statement.

"I bring the public information that will help them on their path to be their best selves. We provide multiple points of view, including mine which is offered without conflict of interest," Oz said in a statement Friday.

Columbia responded by backing Oz, saying the university "is committed to the principle of academic freedom and to upholding faculty members' freedom of expression for statements they make in public discussion."

Oz has been under increased scrutiny in recent months. Last year he was called before a U.S. Senate subcommittee, to explain why he had backed certain products on TV as well as to face accusations that he promoted products that were considered to be "miracle drugs" that the medical community viewed as of dubious health value.