Dr. Oz Pens Blistering Response to Critics: "We're Not Going Anywhere"

Dr Oz - H 2015
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Dr Oz - H 2015

"I believe unconventional approaches appear to work in some people's lives."

Dr. Oz has opened the floodgates on his critics after top doctors sent a letter calling for his departure from Columbia University's faculty because of his "quack treatments."

In an op-ed written for Time magazine, the talk show host describes his beliefs about alternative medicine as an additive and implies the doctors critiquing him are biased.

"In some instances, I believe unconventional approaches appear to work in some people's lives," writes Oz. "It's vital that I drive the following point home: My exploration of alternative medicine has never been intended to take the place of conventional medicine, but rather as additive. Critics often imply that any exploration of alternative methods means abandoning conventional approaches. It does not."

He says that the mainstream media has "completely missed" a "remarkable web of intrigue" surrounding the 10 authors of the letter denouncing him to Columbia.

"The lead author, Henry I. Miller, appears to have a history as a pro-biotech scientist, and was mentioned in early tobacco-industry litigation as a potential ally to industry. He also furthered the battle in California to block GMO labeling — a cause that I have been vocal about supporting," writes Oz. "Another of the letter signees, Gilbert Ross, was found guilty after trial of 13 counts of fraud related to Medicaid. He is now executive director of American Council on Science and Health, a group that has reportedly received donations from big tobacco and food and agribusiness companies, among others. Another four of the 10 authors are also linked to this organization."

Oz goes on to write about his campaign to support GMO labeling. "We will eventually know if these pesticides are a problem, but at the expense of the pain and suffering and disease in real people."

He concludes the op-ed with a bold tone: "I know I have irritated some potential allies. No matter our disagreements, freedom of speech is the most fundamental right we have as Americans. We will not be silenced. We’re not going anywhere."