Dr. Phil Reveals He Broke Six Ribs This Summer

Courtesy of Jimmy Kimmel Live

The television personality also previewed his interview with Sinead O'Connor and talked about President Trump while visiting 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!'

Dr. Phil McGraw made a serious revelation last night when he visited Jimmy Kimmel Live!

While promoting the 16th season of his talk show, Dr. Phil, the television personality shared that he broke six ribs during a dirt bike accident this summer.

McGraw prefaced his story by stating that he has many friends who are stuntmen in Hollywood. While doing a wheelie on a motocross bike, he almost ran into a palm tree, and he fell off. Along with the six broken ribs, McGraw also crushed his right shoulder and bruised his lungs. 

When Kimmel asked if McGraw has ever considered that he should no longer ride dirt bikes, he conceded that he's no longer a young man.

"When I was 20, you know, you could take a bullet in the shoulder and, you know, by morning you kind of shake it off and you're fine," McGraw said. "Now I get a hangnail and it's a month, you know, before you're any better."

After calling a friend in the medical profession, McGraw quickly learned that he had to go to the hospital for his injuries. When asked if he's OK now, McGraw responded, "Compared to then, yeah." He then revealed that he filmed 25 episodes of Dr. Phil before he was able to get his shoulder operated on. 

Kimmel joked that McGraw is a true hero, to which the psychologist said, "Hero, my ass." He then revealed that as soon as the filming of his show came to an end he "was whining like a 10-year-old girl in a haunted house." 

Watch McGraw tell the full story below.

Earlier in the interview McGraw previewed that the upcoming season of his syndicated talk show will include a talk with Sinead O'Connor. Following the singer's highly publicized difficult times, O'Connor reached out to McGraw for help. According to McGraw, O'Connor's goal by appearing on the show is to "destigmatize mental illness."

Kimmel also asked the TV doctor to diagnose President Trump's mental health, with McGraw ultimately demurring. After stating that he has known Trump for a long time, he asked Kimmel if he'd agree that Trump "lacks diplomacy" and has an impulse-control problem. Kimmel agreed with both.

"I think if you go look up certain personality disorders, you might see some of those things appear," McGraw said, adding he couldn't make a full diagnosis. "I can't diagnose him because I haven't done the proper evaluations. It would be irresponsible."