Dr. Phil's son launches gossip site

Jay McGraw aims to set celeb rumors straight

Dr. Phil's son Jay McGraw has launched a website to set the record straight about celebrity rumors.

Too bad MSNBC anchor Dan Abrams and writer Michael Lewittes beat him to the punch, kicking off their similar site, Gossip Cop, in July 2009.

According to the New York Post, McGraw has dashed several rumors, including that "Kate Plus 8" was not cancelled -- and proved one right: that Katy Perry was kicked off "Sesame Street."

But as of Monday morning, it appeared the posts were removed from the site, which touts, "Rumor Fix: Coming Soon."

McGraw's parents have faced their own share of gossip about their relationship, especially after they put their Beverly Hills mansion up for sale last summer. But contrary to speculation they were divorcing, they just wanted a larger house in the same neighborhood.
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