Dr. Phil's Wife Launches Lifestyle-Driven Brand

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She debuts a skincare collection called Robin McGraw Revelation, for which her husband became her beauty tester: "He has a huge forehead."

"It started 28 years ago," says Robin McGraw, wife of television personality Dr. Phil McGraw and author of two New York Times best-selling books. McGraw is referring to her personal journey to a healthy lifestyle, which began when her mother passed away unexpectedly from heart disease.

"I truly had a revelation that day," explains McGraw, citing her mother’s unwavering commitment to her family and, in the process, the neglect of her own health. "I decided to do everything I can to be my best -- in mind, body and soul -- so I can take care of my family," she says.

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The result is the announcement of the purpose-driven lifestyle brand Robin McGraw Revelation, which makes its debut this April on HSN with the launch of it’s first line of products: a comprehensive skincare line more than three years in development and keenly overseen by McGraw.

"I sit in every taping of the Dr. Phil show, through the 12 years we’ve been here," she says. "I’ve formed a sisterhood with the viewers, and I know they see me as authentic." It’s this role that inspired McGraw to not only create the purpose-driven brand but also to divulge her skincare secrets to the show’s six million viewers. It's one of the many topics she is asked to comment on regularly.

McGraw’s goal was to release a line with an ingredient exclusive to her. This comes in the form of the specially formulated Flora-Cell Complex liposome, which draws its potency from an extract of resilient Swiss edelweiss flower. The collection, which includes the Absolute Glow purifying facial cleanser ($19.95), Awaken Youth regenerating overnight treatment ($39.95), Retinol-based Jewel Drops anti-aging serum capsules ($49.95), Total Renewal micro polishing scrub ($24.95) and Vital Hydration serum infused moisturizing treatment ($29.95), also boasts a four-pack lipgloss set. One hundred percent of the proceeds from the glosses will go to the When Georgia Smiled Foundation, named after McGraw’s late mother and dedicated to helping victims of domestic violence.

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"My mother had a flair for aesthetics," McGraw explains. "I inherited my love of creating from her." She sees the Robin McGraw Revelation brand expanding with a number of under-wraps releases, in addition to new skincare products and a rumored fragrance.

So just how well does the skincare line work? McGraw, who prides herself on doing her own makeup and hair daily before Dr. Phil show tapings, swears by its efficacy in cleansing, moisturizing and tackling her own dermal dilemmas, such as folliculitis. And naturally, the line also has Dr. Phil’s stamp of approval.

"Phillip's my beauty tester," laughs McGraw, who admitted to trying out several products on her husband of 37 years. "He has a huge forehead."