'Draft Day' Trailer: Kevin Costner Stresses and Threatens Over Top NFL Pick (Video)

The first trailer for the football dramedy shows Costner attempting to intimidate Denis Leary and barter with Frank Langella on the league's most stressful day.

Summit and OddLot Entertainment have released their first trailer for Draft Day, and Kevin Costner wants the top spot.

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The NFL-centric feature casts Costner as Sonny Weaver, the general manager of the Cleveland Browns, who finds himself caught in the middle of personal and professional crises on one of the league's most important days. The trailer offers a glimpse of the many decisions he's forced to make within the 24-hour period.

"Every year, someone comes out of this looking like a donkey," he says during a phone call. "Tomorrow, I got a feeling it could be you, if you don't make this deal." As intimidating and in control as he seems, his career is then threatened by Frank Langella's character.

Still, he tries to maintain his upper hand over a downtrodden team. "Your job is to coach a team I give you -- they do it differently in Dallas?" he says to Denis Leary's coach character, who then responds, "Yeah, they do. They win. A lot."

And among clips of comforting Costner, Jennifer Garner also asks the puzzling question: "How is it that the ultimate prize in the most macho sport ever invented is a piece of jewelry?"

Ellen BurstynChadwick Boseman and Tom Welling also appear in the trailer for the dramedy, directed by Ivan Reitman and featuring footage from this season's draft at Radio City Music Hall. Montecito Pictures is producing with OddLot.

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Draft Day opens in theaters April 11. Watch the trailer below.

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