'Draft Day' Wins Appeal to Overturn R Rating

Draft Day Trailer Screengrab Costner - H 2013

Draft Day Trailer Screengrab Costner - H 2013

The victory makes the Kevin Costner football pic more kid-friendly.

Director Ivan Reitman and Lionsgate have won their appeal to overturn the R rating assigned to upcoming sports movie Draft Day, starring Kevin Costner and Jennifer Garner.

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After listening to the filmmaker and Lionsgate's Erik Feig at a hearing Wednesday, the Classification and Rating Appeals Board lowered the rating to a PG-13, making Draft Day much more kid- and family-friendly. The R had initially been assigned for "brief strong language." It wasn't immediately clear what language the appeals board agreed to live with, but it was likely more than one non-sexual use of the f-word (technically, there can only be one use of the word).

The football movie hits theaters April 11.

In the film, Costner stars as the general of the Cleveland Browns, who desperately attempts to acquire the number-one draft pick for his team.