Emmys: The Drama Actor Roundtable (Video)

Six of Emmy's toughest contenders come clean about their biggest fears, the worst advice they ever got and whom they most admire (present company excluded).

Their collective résumé boasts dozens of Emmy nominations --and several wins -- but the folks on this year's Drama Actors panel weren't always at the top of their trade. One briefly sold ice cream (William H. Macy), another appeared in B horror movies (Tom Selleck), and a slightly luckier one slogged it out as a lifeguard (Timothy Olyphant).

Gathered in May in Hollywood to chat about their much-buzzed-about roles as a police chief (Selleck), U.S. marshal (Olyphant), 1920s kingpin (Steve Buscemi), empathic serial killer (Michael C. Hall), middle-aged car salesman (Andre Braugher) and drunk-as-a-skunk deadbeat dad (Macy), these six Emmy contenders revealed their scariest moments as actors (singing is a particularly frightening prospect), how much they hate auditioning and why it's better not to know where their character is headed.

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