The Drama of Lohan as Liz

2012-22 REP Liz & Dick H

Lindsay Lohan, as Taylor, began production June 4 on "Liz & Dick," with Grant Bowler as Richard Burton.

Transforming Lindsay Lohan into Elizabeth Taylor for Lifetime's Liz & Dick has been no easy task. The tele­pic's executive producer Larry Thompson tells THR that despite the actress' personal issues, the biggest drama on set has been getting Lohan's look just right, since she goes through 66 costume changes in the 88-minute movie about Taylor's storied romance with Richard Burton. "When you're changing over four decades, that means that the wigs change, the aging makeup changes, the fashion changes," says Thompson, a veteran of biopics about Sonny Bono and Cher and Desi Arnaz and Lucille Ball who cast Lohan after Megan Fox passed. "One bad wig can kill you."

Wardrobe isn't the only complication for Lohan, 25, who was bloodied and bruised after her Porsche struck a dump truck on Pacific Coast Highway on June 8. Reports surfaced June 11 that the actress might have lied to Santa Monica police and said her assistant was driving at the time of the accident when she was -- a fib that, if included in a police report, could trigger a parole violation in her shoplifting case. Thompson says the production has purchased so-called "incarceration insurance" for Lohan beyond the already-high premium, a welcome relief when working with an erratic star. He notes, "We were worried we might not get any insurance at all."