DramaFever to Launch 'Choose Your Own Adventure'-Style K-Drama

Click Your Heart- H 2016
Courtesy of DramaFever

The streaming video service, recently acquired by Warner Bros., will use Facebook Live to let viewers vote on the plot twists in upcoming Web series 'Click Your Heart.'

DramaFever, the streaming video service that specializes in bringing international programming to Western audiences, will launch its first interactive Web series next week.

The seven-year-old company, which was acquired by Warner Bros. last month, has a social media footprint of 10 million followers across all platforms. It will leverage that considerable following with the upcoming Web drama Click Your Heart, which will premiere on DramaFever on March 23, with each new episode accompanied by a Facebook Live Chat at 3 p.m. ET each day. There, viewers will also vote on where they want the story to go next.

DramaFever started experimenting with Facebook Live last week and is averaging 5,000 live streamers with the videos it's posted so far.

“What we’re streaming on Facebook Live is a recap of the episode,” DramaFever head of marketing Yale Wang tells The Hollywood Reporter. “You can think of it almost like The Walking Dead and [its aftershowTalking Dead, where Facebook will be the Talking Dead where we’re talking about the drama, we’re recapping the plot points and we’re talking about which actor people want to see more of, based upon people’s responses.”

Click Your Heart stars Mina of the K-Pop girl group AOA as a high school student who meets four handsome boys (played by the members of new K-Pop boy band Neoz). Each 10-minute episode will bring Mina closer to her one true love (as chosen by the viewers, of course).

“Our success on Facebook Live Video speaks to the fact that this is a young, energetic audience that is very active on social media,” DramaFever director of social media Dan Acton tells THR. “It'll be fun to see if our audience as a group decides to choose the bad boy, the baseball player, the class clown or the nice guy.”

But fans of the three losing guys, take heart – DramaFever will post all the permutations of the story so viewers can see what happens in all of the alternative endings.

The company plans to continue taking advantage of Facebook Live Video, which began rolling out at the beginning of the year. “We’re able to go a little more thorough into our content and engage better with our audience,” Acton says. “It’s going to be interesting to experiment in the coming few months in how [Live] will impact a site like ours with high-production videos at the same time.”