Dramas put Brits atop '08 Banff list


TORONTO -- British TV producers earned a leading 35 Banff World Television Award nominations Thursday, including four of five available in the series competition.

U.S. producers followed with 22 nominations, with three of those going to Warner Bros. TV's "Big Bang Theory," ABC's "Desperate Housewives" and HBO's "Extras" in the best comedy category.

HBO, a perennial favorite in Banff, grabbed a half-dozen nominations this year, including competition entries for the documentaries "What Remains: The Life and Work of Sally Mann" and "White Light/Black Rain: The Destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki."

Canada was close behind with 21 nominations, while German and Australia also were strong contenders.

The U.K. dominated the best drama series competition, with entries for the BBC's "Life on Mars" and "The Street," Channel 4's "Skins" and ITV's "Time of Your Life" pitted against FX's "Nip/Tuck."

In all, Banff organizers unveiled 100 nominated programs, many of which are international co-productions, from 44 countries.

The Banff World Television Festival is set to run June 8-11 in the ski town in the Canadian Rockies.

A complete list of Banff nominees is on the next page.

Animation programs
"Charlie and Lola," Tiger Aspect Prods., U.K.
"El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera: The Moustache Kid," Nickelodeon, U.S.
"Erky Perky: A Zen Tale," CCI Entertainment, Canada/Australia
"Shaun the Sheep," Aardman Animations, U.K.
"Tomte Tummetott and the Fox," Trikk 17, Germany

Arts documentaries
"4," Vast Prods., Australia, U.S., Japan
"Helmut by June," Canal Plus/Byzance Prods., U.S.
"Searching 4 Sandeep," Cecilia Ritchie Pty, Australia
"Strictly Bolshoi," Keo Films, U.K.
"Testimony," Pelegrin Film S.r.l., Romania, Germany, Finland
"What Remains: Life and Work of Sally Mann," HBO Documentary Films, U.S.

Children's programs
"How the Gimquat Found Her Song," Trace Pictures, Canada
"Numbers and Beards," SVT -- Sveriges Televison, Sweden
"Serious Andes," BBC, U.K.
"Space Pirates," BBC, U.K.
"The Show With the Elephant," Westdeutscher Rundfunk, Germany

Comedy programs
"Big Bang Theory," Chuck Lorre Prods., U.S.
"Desperate Housewives," ABC Studios, U.S.
"Extras," BBC and HBO Entertainment, U.K., U.S.
"Ruddy Hell! It's Harry & Paul," Tiger Aspect, U.K.
"Summer Heights High," Princess Pictures, Australia
"The Chaser's War on Everything," Chaser Broadcasting, Australia

Continuing series
"Life on Mars," BBC Wales/Kudos Film and Television, U.K.
"Nip/Tuck," the Shephard/Robin Co., U.S.
"Skins," Company Pictures, U.K.
"The Street," Granada, U.K.
"Time of Your Life," ITV Prods., U.K.

Environmental programs
"Attenborough Explores ... Our Fragile World," BBC WildVision, U.K.
"Nature: Crash: A Tale of Two Species," ArgoFilms and Thirteen/WNET New York, U.S.
"Nature of Things," CBC Television, Canada
"The Human Foot Print," Touch Prods, U.K.

History and biography programs
"1968 With Tom Brokaw," Peacock Prods., U.S.
"Get Collins," Mint Prods., Ireland
"Hindenburg," Pioneer Prods., U.K.
"Tammuz," G.N. Communication, Israel
"Tasmanian Devil: The Fast and Furious Life of Errol Flynn," Flaming Star Films, Australia
White Light/Black Rain: The destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki," HBO Documentary Films, U.S.

Interactive program enhancement
"Gustloff," Westwing Online GmbH, Germany
"Odd Job Jack," Smiley Guy Studios, Canada
"Total Drama Island," Xenophile Media, Canada
"Waking the Dead," BBC, U.K.

Internet-only production program
"Big Art Mob," Moblog:tech, U.K.
"NFB Filmmaker in Residence," the National Film Board of Canada, Canada
"The Gap Year Bebo," Endemol U.K., U.K.

Investigative and current affairs programs
"Dispatches," October Films, U.K.
"The Cotton Curse: Child Labour in Uzbekistan," Insight News Television, U.K.
"The Day Theo Van Gogh Was Murdered," Hessischer Rundfunk, Germany
"The Hidden Epidemic: Heart Disease in America," WGBH Education Foundation, U.S.

Lifestyle programs
"Chef School," Red Apple Entertainment, Canada
"Colin and Justin Home Heist," Cineflix, Canada, U.K.
"How to Look Good Naked," Maverick, U.K.
"National Body Challenge: The Dawkins Twins," LMNO Prods., U.S.
"Til Debt Us do Part," Money Test 4 Prods., Canada
"X-Weighted," Weight to Go II Prods., Canada

Made-for-TV movies
"Autopilots," Lichtblick Film, Germany
"Borderline," Colonia Media, Germany
"Boy A," Cuba Pictures, U.K.
"Recovery," Tiger Aspect Prods., U.K.
"Stuart, A Life Backwards," Neal Street Prods., U.K.

Britz, Daybreak Pictures, U.K.
Cranford, BBC Drama Production/WGBH Boston, U.K., U.S.
Five Days, HBO Films and BBC Films, U.K., U.S.
The Woman from Checkpoint Charlie, UFA-Fernsehproduktion, Germany

Mobile program enhancement
The Border: Interactive, Stitch Media, Canada
The Cell, Endemol U.K., U.K.

Performance programs
"Car Men," NPS/ARTE/ESKa Televize, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Germany
"Fiddle and Drum," Joe Media Group, Canada
"Kent Nagano Symphonicite," Bubbles Television, Canada
"War Oratorio," Oxford Film and Television, U.K.

Political documentaries
"Alive Day Memories: Home From Iraq," HBO Documentary Films, U.S.
"Ghosts of Abu Ghraib," HBO Documentary Films, U.S.
"Iron Ladies of Liberia," Just Media, Liberia, U.S., South Africa, Denmark
"No Plan, No Peace," BBC Current Affairs, U.K.

Popular science and technology programs
"My Brilliant Brain," Windfall Films, U.K., U.S.
"The Cell," Point du Jour International, France
"The Nature of Things," CBC Television, Canada
The Real Superhumans and the Quest for the Future Fantastic, Bird Plane Prods., Canada
Time Limits, AV Dokumenta, Austria, France, Germany

Reality programs
"Can Fat Teens Hunt?" Cheetah Endemol, U.K.
"I'm A Celebrity ... Get Me Out of Here!," ITV, U.K.
"Intervention," GRB Entertainment, U.S.
"Keys to the VIP," Buck Prods., Canada
"The First 48," Granada America, U.S.

Social and humanitarian programs

"Ghosts of the Yangtze," National Film Board of Canada, China, U.S., Canada
"Jerusalem Is Proud to Present," Bador Prods., Israel
"Le Voyage d'une Vie," Lowik Media, Canada
"Milosevic on Trial," Team Prods. ApS, Denmark, U.K., Germany
"Please Vote For Me," Steps International, Denmark, South Africa, China
"Triage: Dr. James Orbinski's Humanitarian Dilemma," White Pine Pictures, Canada

Telenovela and drama series

"Atlantis," Russian World Studios, Russia
"Love in Difficult Times," Diagonal TV, Spain
"Turkish for Beginners," Hofmann&Voges Entertaiment GmbH, Germany

Wildlife and natural history programs

"Equator," NHK/NHNZ, Japan, New Zealand
"Four Wings and a Prayer," Primitive Entertainment, Canada, France
"Sharkman," Off the Fence, South Africa

Youth program

"Danny's Parade," NPS, Netherlands
"Generation XXL," CBC, Canada
"Krimi.de/The Gang Producer," Studio Hamburg Produktion, Germany
"Sexy," Lemming Film, the Netherlands
"The Baby Borrowers on Holiday," Love Prods., U.K.