'Drawn Together' movie announced

Comic-Con panel on DVD project set for Thursday

NEW YORK -- Comedy Central is working on a movie version of its cult show "Drawn Together" that is set for a 2010 video release.

"The Drawn Together Movie: The Movie!" was unveiled Wednesday by Lauren Corrao, president, original programming and development, Comedy Central.

The network said that the straight-to-DVD release currently in production will be "the first animated film based on the 'Drawn Together' series." It will be released by Comedy Central Home Entertainment and Paramount Home Entertainment in March.

Both are units of entertainment giant Viacom Inc.

"'Drawn Together's' reunion with Comedy Central is like marrying an old ex-girlfriend," said quipped creators, writers and executive producers Matt Silverstein and Dave Jeser. "I mean, are we doing this because we love each other and are destined to be together? Or is it because neither one of us could do any better? As is often the case, it's probably both."

Corrao lauded the duo's "twisted sensibility that is completely uninhibited and admirable." She added: "Without the constraints of producing for basic cable, this movie will showcase their chops the way fans of the show have been waiting for."

The film's plot: When the mystery-solving musician Foxxy notices she and her fellow housemates can suddenly curse without being bleeped, they realize that their show has been cancelled and start fighting to get it back on the air.

A "Drawn Together Movie: The Movie!" panel will be held at Comic-Con in San Diego on Thursday.

"Drawn Together" premiered on Comedy Central in Oct. 2004 and aired for three seasons and 36 episodes.