'Dream House' Loses Appeal for Rating Change

The Daniel Craig-Rachel Weisz horror-thriller from Universal will have an R rating when it hits theaters Sept. 30.

The Classification and Rating Appeals Board has upheld the R rating given to Jim Sheridan’s horror-thriller Dream House, starring Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz.

Naomi Watts and Marton Csokas also star in the movie, which was financed and produced by Morgan Creek Prods.

Universal is distributing Dream House, which hits theaters Sept. 30.

The R rating was assigned for “some violence.”

Morgan Creek brought the appeal. At this week’s hearing, statements were provided by Morgan Creek vice president of physical & post production Andy Fraser and Universal executive vide president of feature post production Greig McRitchie.

In Dream House, Craig and Weisz move into what appears to be their dream house, but things turn nightmarish when they are haunted by the home’s former inhabitants, who were brutally murdered.