'Dream House': What the Critics Are Saying

"Dream House"

One film reviewer called the Daniel Craig-Rachel Weisz thriller "uneven" while another gave credit to the couple's onscreen chemistry.

Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz co-star in the Jim Sheridan-directed thriller, Dream House. Though the film boasted an A-list cast, with Naomi Watts also featured, critics weren't high on the psychological thriller.

According to Rotten Tomatoes, the film received a mere 6 percent from 36 critics reviews, while moviegoers' aggregate ratings gave it a 61 percent.

The Hollywood Reporter's David Rooney wrote, "Despite the talent involved, this is more a snooze than a dream." He says that because "the trailer already divulges the film's big twist," the Dream House "mystery is not what happened in the residence of the title, or who killed the family that once lived there. The real puzzler is what merit did this project initially show to attract such pedigree talent."

The New York Times' Jeannette Catsoulis agreed with Rooney's sentiment, writing, "Dream House staggers beneath the weight of terrific actors and a seasoned cinematographer, who all risk their reputations in the service of a haunted-house tale of gobsmacking foolishness."

The Los Angeles Times' Mark Olsen called the film "uneven," explaining that "Dream House feels like the filmmakers went rummaging through some kind of bargain bin of storytelling spare parts -- a touch of The Amityville Horror, a piece of The Shining, a bit of The Sixth Sense, and why not throw in a little Shutter Island too while we're at it?"

The New York Daily News' Joe Neumaier, who gave it two out of five stars, said "Sheridan's pacing is turgid and mournful, which lends the story … an air of ponderousness." But he did give credit to Craig and Weisz's onscreen chemistry, who "do make a nice couple and appear genuinely connected to the material's deeper underpinnings, trite as they may be."