Dress Color Debate Goes Viral on Twitter

The Dress - P 2015

Is it white and gold or blue and black?

It all started with a single post on Tumblr: a picture of a dress — a white-and-gold dress. 

But, annoyingly, not everyone saw it that way. Some people could only see a blue-and-black dress and took to social media to let everyone know. Within hours, the dress color debate was trending on Twitter and had dragged celebrities such as Taylor Swift, Mindy Kaling and Oscar-winning actress Julianne Moore into it. (For the record, Swift and Kaling are in the blue-and-black camp, whereas Moore is in the correct white-and-gold camp.) 

The color confusion wasn't down to a mass case of color blindness. Indeed, Vice magazine was able to explain why people see the colors of the dress differently. But in the end, it's white and gold. End of discussion.