Dress du Jour: Beyonce's Herve Leger Bathing Suit


In her "Yonce" video, Queen Bey is back in a really cool bathing suit that we want. Now.

The Dress: A killer past-season swimsuit by the master of all things body-con, Herve Leger. 

The Wearer: Queen Bey. 

The Occasion: Mrs. Carter's "Yonce" music video, one of 17 visual shorts coinciding with the superstar's new surprise album, which was shockingly and unexpectedly announced via Facebook and Instagram on Dec. 12. 

SKINNY DIP: Chanel Iman in Beyonce's "Yonce" video. 


Why We Dig: This entire Beyonce-launched-a-surprise-album thing has really left us flustered in the best of ways. From the initial discovery on Insta (which made our jaw drop while driving on the 101) to noticing the cool, individual vibe of each look in each video, we now know that there is truly nothing this woman can't pull off (we're told her stylist didn't even know this was all going down).

There are quite a few notable pieces seen throughout the videos (a grungy red flannel and Daisy Duke ensemble in "Grown Woman" comes to mind, as does the glow-in-the-dark situation happening in "Blow") but two items that really caught our eye are the Herve Leger bandage bathing suits seen in Bey's "Yonce" short. Worn by both Beyonce and video co-star Chanel Iman, the pieces are a cool, futuristic departure for the brand and perfect for music-video-appearing supermodels who can wear such things as bodysuits out on the street. It would take us some Beyonce-style vegan work to get there (on the street or by the pool), but we can drool from this side of Instagram, regardless. 

Beyonce's suit is from Leger's 2011 collection. But it looks strikingly similar to Iman's gray number ($740), which is from the brand's resort 2014 lineup and available here.