Dress Du Jour: Beyonce's Rachel Pally Jumpsuit


Bey took to Tumblr to post new photos from her recent controversial Cuba trip — outfit snaps, included.

The Dress: Er, in this case, the jumpsuit — a printed cotton onesie by L.A.-based stretch jersey master, Rachel Pally

The Wearer: Beyonce. What more is there to say? 

The Event: That little controversial Cuba jaunt  Bey and Jay took to celebrate their fifth anniversary back in April — the public memory of which resurfaced on Monday when Mrs. Carter posted new vacay pics on her Tumblr, Rachel Pally jumpsuit snaps, included. 

Why We Dig: Maybe with all the Cannes commotion we're a bit burnt out on formal gowns; maybe seeing Beyonce out on her balcony sans makeup brings us to that magical early-evening vacation time when the day is over but it's not quite dinner and you truly get to chill. Either way, Beyonce looks happy, comfy and free. And we have to think that her easy, breezy tribal-printed jumpsuit is at least partially responsible.