This Is How to Dress Like One Direction's Harry Styles

Ashka Shen
Green doing her best Harry Styles on the streets of NY.

Want to channel the One Direction front man? 'Billboard' fashion editor Tasha Green shows us how to get the look right.

Fresh off a killer run at the American Music Awards on Sunday night, One Direction couldn't be hotter if they tried. And perhaps the most notable of the British boy band bunch is none other than frontman (and notorious Taylor Swift ex) Harry Styles, who — as it turns out — has a style that's quite easy for ladies to replicate. 

So easy, in fact, that Britain-based e-tailer ASOS asked Billboard fashion editor Tasha Green to create outfits using some of Styles' most signature pieces — skinny jeans, flowy scarves and animal prints, included. 

Click here to see how Tasha translated the British boy band star's style into one that's all her own, and learn how you, too, can look like a 20 year-old boy with a record deal.