Drew Barrymore's Must-Haves From Her Flower Beauty Line

Courtesy of Flower Beauty
Drew Barrymore

The actress chats with us about her growing beauty biz (and sunnies!).

Flower power: The Hollywood Reporter sat down with Drew Barrymore at Palihouse in West Hollywood to catch up on her beauty brand FLOWER — the line she launched in 2013 exclusively at Wal-Mart stores. The actress/producer/director recently added eyewear into the mix following one of her popular "Tip Tuesdays" [beauty tutorials on flowerbeauty.com] where she offered advice on how to apply eye makeup when wearing glasses.

Barrymore’s fans not only wanted to know how to create the perfect mini cat-eye (she uses FLOWER gel liner) to help give eyes a lift, but also where to find her smart-looking and stylish specs — and, viola! FLOWER frames. But first, the one product Barrymore never leaves home without ("I feel very vulnerable if I don’t have it and I’ll start to panic," she says).

The Hollywood Reporter: What about creating and selling the FLOWER beauty line makes you most proud?

Drew Barrymore: I’m most proud of the price point we have managed to achieve with the formulas and materials we work with. It’s an almost impossible endeavor and it’s not something that people might know or understand or think about as a consumer. Our customer reviews are like, flawless — it’s amazing. Across the board people are very happy and I’m so relieved about that because you are surprised and amazed at the level of quality when you try the products. It also makes me proud that we really pay attention to what is happening in the makeup artist industry — the red carpet artists’ world — and trickling down and bringing that to a Wal-Mart customer. We deliver the latest and greatest in innovations and technology as well as artistry.

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What are a few of your favorites — the FLOWER beauty products you use on a daily basis?

I don't wear makeup every day because I am one of those women who would just rather wear a clean face when I’m with my kids—and I don’t want to feel the need to have to look a certain way. However, I don't go anywhere (ever!) with out my Skincognito stick. It’s like my American Express — don’t leave home without it.

 Skincognito stick foundation; $8.98, walmart.com.

What about FLOWER beauty for the red carpet?

I only use Flower Beauty, even on red carpets. The only thing I might get caught on the street wearing is a product we’re testing that is a lab sample, so not technically ours yet. I’m always creating a different makeup bag, and then that’s what I’ll carry for the next five weeks until I change it out again. Lip Radiance High Shine Lip Lacquer and her fourth fragrance, Sparkling Garden, are both new for fall. Or try the Kiss Stick in Cactus Flower (below) for a red carpet red lip.

Kiss Stick High Shine Lip Color in Cactus Flower; $6.98, walmart.com

What makeup are you wearing right now?

Today I’m wearing Tender Tuberose lip color and Wild Geranium cream eye shadow — both from our first year launch — and I’m wearing tinted moisturizer, Skincognito and I think my other most beloved product the Highlighter Chubby. It's an allover illuminating highlighter and I am proud to say we can’t keep it in stock. It’s a user-friendly makeup artist tool that’s flying off the shelves, which is a relief because sometimes we will do something that is very much "on trend" and it doesn't always work.

Glisten Up highlighting chubby stick; $9.98, walmart.com

Face The World tinted moisturizer; $10.98, walmart.com.

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Each of your FLOWER frames (both optical and sunglasses) have names and there’s an "Olive" frame [Barrymore’s 2-year-old daughter]. Can we expect to see a "Frankie" frame [Barrymore’s 15-month-old daughter] too?

It’s funny because all of the names are from characters I’ve played — I was the voice of Olive for a Christmas special Olive, the Other Reindeer that Flower Films produced with Matt Groening, so that’s where it comes from. I’m going to have play a character named Frankie or I’m just going to have to sort of abort mission and create one anyway. I think we should create a Frankie. It’s a vintage name — a throwback. Maybe Frankie leads our reader program, she’ll be the first frame named.

Flower Eyewear Olive frames; $88, walmart.com.

How is producing for film and television the same and different from producing a beauty line?

I think they are very similar because both are about storytelling and marketing. I was co-creative director at CoverGirl for 7 years and it was a miracle of the stars aligning that when that contract was ending Carmen Bauza (Wal-Mart senior vp health and wellness) called me for what was really a wonderful audition to see if I’d be the right person to create a beauty line for her store. I was able to tell Carmen the story of what FLOWER Beauty would be through images and through a film reel that I made for her. I feel something when I make movies. I felt something when I got to be a CoverGirl — and it was attainable aspiration. It’s real world, it’s not far fetched. It’s women, it’s girls, it’s heart and joyous and the best version of you, not the best version of someone else. And, hopefully it is happy because happiness is the best makeup at the end of the day. You can wear the best lipstick in the world, but if you are frowning underneath it’s not going to be as pretty as when you’re smiling or happy on the inside. Both storytelling and heart really apply to beauty and film.