Drew Barrymore Says Her 'Santa Clarita Diet' Character Is "Living Her Full Oprah" | Comedy Actress Roundtable

The actress described her cannabilistic character as "a woman who's dynamic, but wrong, but living her best life."

"I think my show creator, Victor Fresco, who's just a genius and has given me the greatest gift in my life at this moment, I think he's commenting a lot with the show on the narcissim state of the world, the gluttony state of the world, the attitudinal, as far as women not wanting to take crap anymore," Drew Barrymore told The Hollywood Reporer of her Netflix series Santa Clarita Diet during the Comedy Actress Roundtable.

Barrymore said the show poses the question, "How do you live in your ID and fight without being selfish and it negatively affecting everyone around you?"

She described her cannabilistic character as "a woman who's dynamic, but wrong, but living her best life, herself, giving it her full Oprah."

Of the current, post-#MeToo television climate, Barrymore said, "you either have to have a big, daring spine, or you've lost the current audience. We've just come too far. It's all been put out there, and we can't go back to this merry, Neverland type of Leave It to Beaver. They could make a show called Leave It to Beaver, it'd be very different."

"We did an episode in our show all about Nazis," Barrymore told the group. "As it was being shot, the Charlottesville march was going on simultaneously. We'd go from our trailer to watching CNN and go in to shoot this scene."

"The scene is really about when one of the Nazis comes in in a wheelchair, what is the real discrimination there?" Barrymore said, noting another example of how Santa Clarita Diet continues to push bold and daring narratives. "It just gets so crazy, and then she eats them. That's just a great way to solve a problem."

"It was a fun way for me to deal with what is happening right now, that I don't believe is happening, and yet the make-believe gave me some way of dealing with it in a comedic and crazy way," she said.

Barrymore won a Golden Globe for her leading role in the Grey Gardens miniseries. She has two additional Golden Globe nominations and two career Emmy nominations.

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