Drew Barrymore's Ombre Hair

Brian Bowen Smith

Drew Barrymore and hair colorist Tracey Cunningham

To Barrymore's satisfaction, her ombre look -- with a darker top that fades into lighter ends -- spawned a huge hair hit: "I'm glad it picked up," says the actress, 37, "because it's a fun thing, a flattering look, and I think women feel good in it." Adds her A-list colorist Tracey Cunningham, who also did Jessica Biel's: "It was just Drew saying I want something a little more natural, and Drew being rock 'n' roll, we got a little rock 'n' roll with it." Fans know that it also involves a note of practicality. "My clients love how low maintenance the look is and how wonderfully it works for all hair colors," says Denis De Souza, who did a similar color gradation for Rachel Bilson. Want it for yourself? "Bring a picture in for reference -- your colorist's perception might be miles away from the look you desire," recommends Cunningham, who is opening up Meche Salon with Neil Weisberg in Beverly Hills in the winter. But don't expect Barrymore, who just became a mom to daughter Olive on Sept. 26, to stick with the hair trend she sparked forever. "Oh, please, the minute we strike gold on something and feel really good about it, we go back to the well and scare the shit out of ourselves. That's Tracey's and my journey."

“Tracey knows skin tone and the color wheel better than any person on the planet,” says Barrymore. Demurs Cunningham, “What’s great about Drew is she understands the process.”

Photographed Nov. 9 by Brian Bowen Smith in Los Angeles.


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