Drew Carey developing hidden-camera show


CBS is developing a hidden-camera show starring Drew Carey.

The host of "The Price Is Right" host is teaming with producer Tom Forman for a project with the working title "WTF!" -- which in this case stands for "Wow That's Funny!"

"WTF" shot a pilot presentation Saturday in which Carey and a troop of comedic agents wreck havoc in public places. The project combines a hidden-camera show with flash-mob tactics as the group pulls benevolent pranks on deserving citizens.

For instance, the group transforms a late-night truck stop into a five-star restaurant for long-haulers.

The well-intentioned-stunt format is one that's worked well for the network with its Sunday night hit "Undercover Boss."

Raquel Prods. in association with RelativityReal will produce "WTF!" with Jay Blumenfeld, Tony Marsh and Charlie Todd joining Carey and Forman as executive producers.

On the reality front, CBS recently ordered a U.S. version of the U.K. hit "Got to Dance" from Reveille and plans this summer to roll out the 11th season of "Big Brother."

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