DRG Puts 'Teenage Boss' Format to Work in Canada

Buck Productions has optioned the Norwegian series about a young teen put in charge of the family's finances for a month for a local Canadian version.

TORONTO - Canadian indie producer Buck Productions has acquired the local format rights to the the Norwegian reality series Teenage Boss from UK distributor DRG.

Teenage Boss, now in its second season on NRK1, portrays one teen controlling his or her family’s finances for 30 days.

DRG signed earlier format option deals in the U.S., Spain, Netherlands, France and Italy, Sweden, Poland and Germany.

"The series is a smash hit in Norway and we believe the subject matter will connect well with audiences here, making Canada the perfect next step for Teenage Boss,” Sean Buckley, executive producer at Buck Productions, said Wednesday of his first format option with DRG.

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