Drinking, Smoking Charlie Sheen Streams New 'Sheen's Korner' Amidst Firing Drama

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The actor asks Amazon's Jeff Bezos to call him during the episode, apparently recorded before he was fired from "Two and a Half Men," and smokes a cigarette through his nostril.

Charlie Sheen streamed a third episode of his web series Sheen's Korner on Monday night but didn't address his being fired from Two and a Half Men earlier in the day.

 The 11-minute episode, titled "Torpodeos of Truth Part 2," apparently was recorded before news of his being fired broke.
The entire episode consisted of a conversation with friend and so-called "Tweet master" Bob Maron (featured in a previous episode of Sheen’s Korner), who at one point asked him if he had breakfast already and talked about needing to tweet about hiring an intern (the tweet was sent earlier Monday afternoon).
During the episode, Sheen talked about his plans to reach out to Amazon chief Jeff Bezos about publishing his recently announced book, Apocalypse Me: The Jaws of Life, on the company's e-reader Kindle.
"Get him to call me today because I'm going to sell this thing through Amazon and Kindle because we need to save trees," he said. "I must marry a tree. My other marriages didn't work, so I'm going to marry a tree."
Of the book, he said the cover will be "brilliant and colorful."
Meanwhile, Sheen also said he's planning to "roll out an infomercial" for his self-published 1990 poetry book, A Peace of My Mind.
"It was 20 years ahead of its time, and now it is time," he said. "The past is catching up, saying, 'My God, where is all this brilliance?’ It's there. I had the magic in my fingertips the entire time but you didn't go there because you judged me and condemned me."
Throughout the episode, Sheen -- whose hair appeared disheveled -- smoked cigarettes and drank "something I won't reveal ... unless they pay me," which he later gargled. That comment was in reference to his recent deal to tweet endorsements on Twitter. At one point, he took a puff from the cigarette out of his nostril.
The episode also was not a continuous stream as Sheen apparently kept getting interrupted by phone calls.
"People are calling, and it pisses me off because they are interrupting my brilliance," he said.
He also was visibly annoyed by the presence of airplanes and helicopters flying overhead.
"Notice how 'hell' is in helicopter," he said. "Just pointing something out."
Among his other bon mots:
-- "If you own the home in which you own the trash can, you should never ever ever have to empty it again."
-- When Moran objected to his conversation being broadcast in an earlier episode of Sheen's Korner, Sheen said: "I did say it was being recorded because people need to hear gold as it is rolling out and not disappear, disappear like so many freaking magicians' rabbits."
-- "We are in the middle of a movement here, an odyssey of epic proportions."
-- Of a previous webcast, "I had more than fun [doing it], I had ME with it."
-- "My goal is the best one in the room, and people are starting to realize that. My plan is gold, theirs is s--t. And with my plan you're going to win, win, win."
-- Responding to a question from Moran: "What kind of dog is that? It's a Sheen dog. What other kind of dog would it be? It's inhabited with the ghost of Betty [his late dog]. ... It eats trolls with its fangs."
-- When Moran asks if Sheen is recording their conversation, the actor replied: "Hell yeah, it's going up when I feel that people are ready to receive it. ... When the world evolves. I'll be over here just waiting. Waiting and winning. Waiting for everyone to catch up."