'Drive' Soundtrack To Be Released

Drive Ryan Gosling Film Still 2011

Drive Ryan Gosling Film Still 2011

Much of the music for the film starring Ryan Gosling was composed by former Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Cliff Martinez.

Imaging you’re a passenger in a car being driven by Ryan Gosling got a little easier with the digital release of the soundtrack for Drive on Tuesday. The Nicolas Winding Refn-helmed film, which will hit theaters on September 16, features ‘80s electronica-influenced tunes.

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The soundtrack is available for download starting Tuesday, and will release in hard copy on September 27. The soundtrack, released by Lakeshore Records, features music by Cliff Martinez, the former drummer of the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

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Drive stars Ryan Gosling as a stunt driver by day, and a getaway driver at night who falls for his neighbor (Carey Mulligan). However, he also falls into a world of trouble by associating with the mysterious woman next door.

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Here is the full list for the Drive soundtrack:

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1. “Nightcall” - Kavinsky & Lovefoxxx?
2. “Under Your Spell” - Desire?
3. “A Real Hero” - College (feat. Electric Youth)?
4. “Oh My Love” - Riz Ortolani (feat. Katyna Ranieri)?
5. “Tick of the Clock” - Chromatics?
6. “Rubber Head” - Cliff Martinez?
7. “I Drive” - Cliff Martinez?
8. “He Had a Good Time” - Cliff Martinez?
9. “They Broke His Pelvis” - Cliff Martinez?
10. “Kick Your Teeth” - Cliff Martinez?
11. “Where’s the Deluxe Version?” - Cliff Martinez?
12. “See You in Four” - Cliff Martinez?
13. “After the Chase” - Cliff Martinez?
14. “Hammer” - Cliff Martinez?
15. “Wrong Floor” - Cliff Martinez?
16. “Skull Crushing” - Cliff Martinez?
17. “My Name on a Car” - Cliff Martinez?
18. “On the Beach” - Cliff Martinez?
19. “Bride of Deluxe” - Cliff Martinez